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Hoang Dat Company Limited – 15 years of establishment and development

Hoang Dat Company Limited was founded as per Decision No. 83/GPUB dated 03/06/1993 made by The Hai Phong Municipal Service of Planning and Investment.

Company’s plan

In 6/2008, Hoang Dat Company Limited was officially 15 years old. In  the 15 years of establishment and development, the Company has unceasingly striven to exist and develop and step by step affirmed its position in the shipping branch of Vietnam.

Starting from a private enterprise with a lot of lacks on the material facilities and capital sources, the Company has met a lot of difficulties on market, policy mechanism and manforce. The Company’s leading board has determined to establish its image by enroling a rank from management officials to ordinary officials, crewmen with  a high level of profession and foreign languages, having a passion for work. The Company has arranged in system the managing mechanism, assigning capable leading officials to the important professional departments. In the structure of departments in Hoang Dat Company, there is a Maritime Laws department – specializing in giving consultancy of information on the Maritime Law to help the Company execute the regulations on the shipping business to supply better services, to protect the environment, and to limit in maximum the risks, guaranteeing clients’ interests.

The work done at the same is to mobilize all capital sources, to uphold the inner strength to establish the infrastructure and invest more ships to be ready to meet all the demands of the clients at home and abroad. With a rank of office officials good at profession and crews full of experience and good at qualification, Hoang Dat’s fleet has served in shipping goods by sea fast, effectively and safely to many countries in the region and Asia as well.

With the activity guideline : To bring the best, most convenient and safest service to the clients, the Company concentrates on the development of the fleet and accumulation of precious experience in the seafaring to meet all the requirements of the clients from the output, quantitty, freight to the safety of the goods. Therefore, for many years, the Company has received Certificates of Merit, Emulation Flag awarded by PM, Municipal People’s Committee and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Company’s leading board itself also unceasingly looks for and studies advanced technologies to apply to the Company’s activity. The Company has held meetings for experience exchange with fellow enterprises at home and abroard (such as paying a visit to Quang Chau Diesel Corporation – China).

Besides, Hoang Dat Company is also a founding member of the An Lu United Shipping Uninion in which the Company’s director is elected as the Union’s President. Founded in 1998, now the Union has about 250 ships (from 1500DWT – 27000DWT) in nearly 50 members who are companies working in the field of forwarding and shipping business. One of the targets always heightened by the Union is “to resist unwholesome competitions” and “to protect the environment” to create the spirit of solidarity and make the client serving quality better and better. The Union is evaluated as one of the unions working effectively in many years by the municipal branches and services as well as by the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Vietnam.

In the coming time, Hoang Dat Company will concentrate on establishing the project of stores and yards, office in So Dau area, Hong Bang, Hai Phong to perfect its infrastructure, so that its service quality is more uniform and professional. Besides, the Company also enlarges the scale of activity for its business lines such as goods import-export service, agency of shipping goods by inland waterway and international maritime routes etc.

We guarantee with our clients that we’ll bring the best shipping services to them and we are ready to serve our clients whenever they require.

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Hoang Dat Co.,Ltd - Address : 85 Dien Bien Phu Street - Hong Bang - Hai Phong City - Vietnam
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